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Extreme Tools Hot Glue Gun - 20W/60W

RM 16.90


  • Great for artificial flowers, toy model, christmas tree, craft projects, furniture and wood working.
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • Power Plug: EU plug
  • With switch, and indicator light
  • Can use the diameter from Φ7.0-Φ7.5mm of melt glue

How to Use:

  • Insert the melt glue from the glue gun tail, sent to the gun tube, put on the power supply to preheating from 5 to 8 minutes, button up to move the trigger and can extrude the melt glue, and can control the melt glue quantity.
  • While it's working, if the melt glue is inexhaustibility in one time, then the melt glue need not take out.
  • Put on the power supply to preheating 5 to 8 minutes when it using next time.


Item Type: Hand tool 

Brand: Extreme

Power: 20W[Small] / 60W[BIG]

Item size: 19cm x 18.5cm (height x max diameter)

Item weight: 0.25kg - 0.4kg

Package size: 21.0cm x 2.7cm x 26.6cm (L x W x H)

Package weight: 0.25kg - 0.4kg

*Package come with Hot Glue Stick x 5*