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3-32mm Stainless Steel Tube Cutter

RM 29.80
  • Rotate handle, tube place tube between the cutter and roller bearings.
  • Rotate the handle, when it in touch with the pipe cutter, press the rotary handle 1/4 circle
  • as shown in Figure 1, rotate cutter one circle ,until the tube surface got a circle cutmark.
  • Slowly rotate the handle (cutter every one circle, the handle is rotated 1/8 circle), slowly cut in until cut tube off.
  • Cutting too fast, it could cause the pipe deformation and shorten blade life.
  • Brass, Aluminum and other thin-walled pipe cutting range between 3-30mm


Item Type: Hand Tool

Brand: Berent

Condition: 100% brand new

Color: Silver

Item size: 14.5cm x 6.5cm (height x max diameter)

Item weight: 0.4kg 

Package size: 9cm x 4.5cm x 19cm (L x W x H)

Package weight: 0.4kg