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Bubble Wrap - 1 Roll 100 Meter

RM 128.00 RM 18,800.00

Uses of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of today’s most popular packing materials. It provides excellent protection for shipping or storing fragile, breakable goods.

Bubble wrap is a light and flexible packaging material made of low-density polyethylene, ideal to protect fragile and irregularly shaped products. This gives a very good surface protection and prevention against shocks. Bubble wrap can also be used as void filling.

This type of packaging material is inexpensive and offers several advantages. Because it provides good protection, less packing material is needed, which lowers overall costs. And since it is lightweight, its use does not raise freight charges for shippers. Bubble wrap is also reusable and recyclable.


Item Type: Wrapping Item

Dimension: 1m/3.3sf x 100m/330sf (H x L)

Item size: 100cm x 56.7cm (height x max diameter)

Item weight: 4.2kg 

Package size: 100cm x 56.7cm x 100cm (L x W x H)

Package weight: 4.2kg