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Kinepin Compressed Mask - 15 pcs

RM 9.90
  • The compressed facial mask paper is made of cotton non-woven fabric, high quality, non-toxic and without alcohol, safe to use.
  • The mask is soft and close to face, with strong aqua absorbency, completely clear away oil, cosmetic residue, cutin,dead cells from skin. And it does not contain any harmful substance.
  • Easy to use, just soak it into toner or floral water then unfold and put it on your face.
  • Great accessories for home facial mask DIY.
  • Easy to carry to travel or occasional business trip.Makes you can have a facial mask spa anywhere.


Item Type: Mask

Color: White

Quantity: 15 pieces

Item size: 14cm x 8cm (height x max diameter)

Item weight: 0.04kg 

Package size: 8cm x 2.1cm x 14cm (L x W x H)

Package weight: 0.04kg